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If you are thinking of renovating your home or investment property, then an exterior paint job might be something that should be at the top of your list.

A new paint job can make the home you live in look fresh and it is also a great time to complete any small maintenance jobs on the outside of your home while you take on the painting task. This might include repairing chipped or broken weather boards, replacing old stairs, repairing rotten window sills or many other tasks. Your roof and guttering can also be checked and repaired as necessary while a paint job is being done. You might even extend your upgrade out into the garden.

If it is an investment property that you own, painting it can not only increase the rent, due to higher street appeal, but also protect your investment from damage. This could be cause by rotting, termite or other pest damage, water damage or just home wear and tear.

While painting the outside of your home, or even just some sections of it, your attention will be brought to the house itself and any maintenance issues might be picked up. I know at my home recently i was painting around a window sill. After pressure cleaning the area, i noticed parts of the window sill itself had rotten. The installer had used interior timber for the sill and even though it had been primed and painted, the wood was rotter badly. This was fixed at the time of painting quite easily, instead of having to perhaps replace the whole window.

Rain, moisture and direct sunlight will wear out your home naturally. Similarly, dust and other pollutants can also play a major role in deteriorating the protect barrier your paint provides to your home. Therefore, a regular maintenance regime for your home’s exterior paint job (we recommend every 3-5 years), makes a lot of sense.

Walls and woodwork that do not get maintained on a regular basis in terms, of periodic checking and repainting as required will develop cracks and show signs of other wear and tear too. Consequently, the durability and longevity of your home will be compromised. Often in the long run, you will have to spend more money to make larger repairs.

You can avoid any of these issues by getting your home painted on a regular basis. Hire a painting expert today or reach out to a professional master painting services company like us. We can bring life and beauty back into your property or home, while you also make sure it is not becoming damaged or run down along the way.