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Painters Berwick

Amazing Painting in Berwick is your answer to your painting needs. Whenever you start observing your walls starting to fade their colour and present cracks, it’s time to consider a new painting job. Our painting specialists offer painting services that are sure to last! Amazing Painting in Berwick services range from small house painting jobs to huge commercial and office repaintings, we’re qualified to execute any painting job.

Once you book a job with us, you don’t need to stress about doing lots of work to get your house ready for our team’s arrival. All we ask is for clients to prepare for painting is to remove any small items in their homes out of the way.

In order to ensure an impeccable, high-gloss finish, we spend a lot of time on preparation works. We apply detailed sanding to every wall, carefully remove all wallpapers, then add multiple coats of high-gloss enamel to the cleaned, fully-prepared surface.

These processes lead to a high-quality finish that is sure to last and look like you’re waling through a brand new property. In order to get the perfect finish, we use brushes, not rollers and sprays.

Once the job gets started, we do our best to protect your property and avoid any damages to your belongings. We’ll ensure all of your furniture is safely put away and the floor is covered throughout all the areas to be painted.

Once the job is finalised we carefully clean up. While we do keep the environments cleaned and tidy it up on a daily basis, once the entire painting job is completed we’ll do a full cleaning. Like we’ve never been there at all.

We also offer discount packages for those who have multiple buildings to be painted. For more information about these packages for the Greater Melbourne region, please call or email.

Amazing Painting Berwick is a proud member of the Amazing Painting group. Because of this, we can also offer house painting in Berwick, commercial, and heritage painting. We are an industry-leading service backed with years of experience delivering a wide range of painting jobs all over the Greater Melbourne area.

No job is too big or too small, and we are experts at painting house, commercial, and heritage buildings. Check out the rest of our website and we can both get to plan your painting job.

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Customer Testimonial

Ken and his assistant Ray recently painted our house and we cannot recommend them highly enough. They were at all times respectful of our home and our privacy, they paid great attention to detail, were communicative and friendly and provided us with a fantastic, professional and truly amazing result. The painting lived up to the company’s name. Every day Ken was at pains to tidy up leaving our home as he found it. We could not be happier. We had some other tradies in at the same time and the contrast between them and Ken was marked!! Ken and his team were true professionals and we would have them back without hesitation. Thank you Ken!

Kim Eckard – Upper Beaconsfield, Victoria