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How To Use Paint Tester Pots Effectively?

When many home owners are thinking about painting the inside of their home, one of the big decisions of course, is the colour. Unless you have a very fixed idea about what colours you want to use, one popular option is to buy some sample pots. These let you test how...

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How To Know How Much Paint To Buy When Renovating?

How Many Litres Of Paint Do I Need To Paint My Home? There is nothing like renovating a room and adding a coat of new paint. Many people that are at the beginning of an interior painting project wonder just how much paint they will need to paint their home. The good...

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How To Paint Over Surface Mould

Mould is a serious issue if it is inside your home. Not only is it unsightly, it also presents some health risks if left untreated. Mould caused by damp can be treated if caught early enough with products you can buy at a hardware store, or that a painter can supply...

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Painting A Childs Room

There are different reasons why you might like to paint a child's room. The room may just be old. You might find the colour not suitable for the child's gender. Your child may also just be getting older and the colours or condition might no longer be suitable....

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