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Canstar 2020 Paint Review

Recently Canstar produced a review on the main five paint brands available in Australia. Haymes has been awarded the best value for money product amongst other categories for the third year in a row. And this is why it is our preferred product, it's great quality,...

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House Painting & Craftsmanship

The apprentice Recently I returned back home and began to work under Ken as an apprentice. And while doing so I saw a completely different side to the work and the process of house painting. To many, painting might be seen as a simple task. Perhaps even trivial. You...

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Long Term Maintenance Made Easy

Are you thinking about ways of retaining the health & polish of your home or property? Are you contemplating about investing in real estate and want to know how you can keep it looking attractive long-term? Well then one of the easiest ways that can help you...

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