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There are different reasons why you might like to paint a child’s room. The room may just be old. You might find the colour not suitable for the child’s gender. Your child may also just be getting older and the colours or condition might no longer be suitable. Painting a kids room should be fun and it can be a way to make your child feel really special.

Here are a few things we recommend when painting a room for a child in your home.paint childs room

  1. Get your child involved. If they have some say in picking the colours and even applying the paint, it can be an experience that is truly bonding for them and you too. Sure you don’t have to paint the room whatever your child says, but you can let them have some say. What are their favourite colours?
  2. When you paint a child’s room, it is a great opportunity to add some contrast. Kids rooms can be bright and bolder than many other rooms in your home. You could make one feature wall their favorite colour, and the others white for example. Just remember all the other big colours that will be in the room, like a bookshelf, beds and cupboards. They have to fit the colour scheme too.
  3. How’s the flooring? When you are painting a room, it is a great time to think about whether the flooring needs to be replaced too. I recently painted my daughters room and we changed the old carpet out for some new hybrid plank flooring. This meant we had to remove the skirting. That might sound like a mission, but it is not that hard. Then we painted all the walls and the skirting. After that the flooring went down, we replaced the skirting and it was all done. She was so happy with her “new room”.
  4. This is also a time you could decide if the lighting was okay, or if perhaps a fan or other accessories could be added. This is a lot easier to do all at once, rather than retro fitting and having to paint the roof again for example.
  5. If you are thinking of painting a mural, or artwork on the wall, then we encourage it. The only thing is to take your time. Drawing it lightly first can help avoid mistakes. From what we have seen, simple is better and as the saying goes, sometimes less is more. Open spaces do leave more room for future creativity. Just remember too, some characters or images can become dated.

Redecorating a child’s room can be a fun experience. Like i mentioned before, your child can be made to feel very special and more grown up by changing the colours and a few furniture pieces. We often paint children’s rooms as part of whole houses and it is fun to apply “kids” colours to the walls.

Why not give it a go? Or if you find it too daunting, contact us and have a professional painter in Melbourne come and refresh some rooms in your home.