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Updating a home, you have either lived in or recently bought with a new colour scheme can be a very exciting time. Nothing changes the outside feel of a house more, than a new coat of paint in a different colour scheme.

While warm white colours, contemporary light greys and monochromatic (usually black and white) colour schemes are always popular, you are by no means limited to those choices. Anything is possible, but whatever you do, make sure you do it well.

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If you are thinking of hiring an exterior house painter in Melbourne, or wherever you live, then here are a few tips for you to consider, while you are still deciding on colour. Some of them are proactive tips, while others are there to help reduce the chance of disappointment.


  • What would you like the main feature to be? This could be a door, some lattice work, stylish windows, or other features too. Think about how you would like them to stand out.
  • Remember your roof colour. Most rooves are either tile or Colourbond. This colour needs to be considered and has to suit your new house paint colour scheme too.
  • Similarly, your driveway, garden paths and other permanent structures should be taken into account. How might they affect the overall colour scheme?
  • Check your windows. Many modern windows are powder coated and these are difficult and potentially expensive to paint over.
  • Do you have any natural stone or brickwork that needs to fit with your colour scheme? Do you really want to paint of natural stones?
  • If you have a front fence, will that need to be painted also. When modernising your home with new paint, it is probably the best time to include your fence and finish the whole streetscape in one go.
  • If you have outdoor entertaining areas, spend some time to think how they can be zoned with colour, or how any colour choice may affect the mood of the space.
  • When choosing colours, look at them when you are outside, not under indoor fluorescent lighting. The difference can be remarkable. We also recommend looking at larger colour samples than for indoor paints. Something A4 or larger is best.

outside door paint

The final tip we would put out there, is to take your time. Don’t rush into choosing the colours. People generally don’t paint their homes very often, so you want to get it right.

Some popular colour schemes at the moment include shades of grey, pastels, earthy colours and deep greens, such as sage or olive green tones.

While our painters in Melbourne are happy to provide feedback on your colour choice, in the end it is up to you. It is your home and you should choose colours that will make you feel good about coming home each day.

We hope that this post has given you a thing or two to think about if you are going through the early stages of the process. To get a quote or to chat about painting the exterior of your home, simply give us a call today.