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Mould is a serious issue if it is inside your home. Not only is it unsightly, it also presents some health risks if left untreated. Mould caused by damp can be treated if caught early enough with products you can buy at a hardware store, or that a painter can supply if you are thinking to hire a painter in Melbourne.

This post explains the steps of painting over surface mould. It does not apply to walls that have been contaminated with mould on the inside. This is a much more serious issue and simply painting over it is not recommended.

Preparing The Surface For Painting

Even more so that regular painting, preparing the surface to be painted in a mould situation is very important. You want to clean and dry the walls effected a well as possible. Some ways to do this is to use a scrubbing brush or even a wire brush to remove as much of the visible mould as you can. The more you get off, the better primers and undercoats will be able to adhere to, and protect the surface.You can also use a coarse sandpaper to really get into the corners or joins as well as possible.mould free painter

Next we recommend using a mould killer and or a degreaser, to kill and remaining mould or spores on the surface to be repainted. If it is an exterior wall, there are also professional paint products that can be used to wash down both painted or bare timber or masonry.

Use A Primer

Using a primer on walls that have been infected with mould will help to cover over and seal any discolouration. This will also help protect the final coat of paint from any remaining mould or mildew, keeping it look better for as long as possible.

In higher risk areas, such as the bathroom or kitchen perhaps, it may be worth priming the ceiling too. The paint there can crack or peel if the ceiling is not well prepared and this will make it easier for mould to become a problem for you again.

Top Coating

When you choose your top coat paints, going for a mould resistant option is well recommended. If you have had mould once, then it makes sense that it is likely to come back. Mouldshield from Dulux is the most famous brand, but almost every brand has a mould resistant option.

Choosing semi gloss or gloss paints also adds to your mould proofing, as they are a smoother finish than matt paints. This makes it more difficult for mould to settle in.

Get It Done Professionally

If all of this sound too difficult, then you can always hire a professional painter in Melbourne to do the job for you. Then you can rest assured that you have the best chance or remaining mould free in the future. Our painters in Chadstone, Berwick and other surrounding suburbs have helped home owners there, deal with mould. We can do the same for you. If you would like to arrange a quote, simply contact us to chat about it.