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The apprentice

Recently I returned back home and began to work under Ken as an apprentice. And while doing so I saw a completely different side to the work and the process of residential painting. To many, painting might be seen as a simple task. Perhaps even trivial. You grab a brush, dip it into paint and then apply to the desired area. Simple right?

Painting I have come to realise is an art form, a craft. Something with many techniques, error reducing methods and tools that are necessary in order to create the best effects and ends results. In addition to the years of experience and knowledge required to best tackle the task at hand. Anyone can paint, but very few will ever achieve mastery in painting. That is why we have renowned artists and then we have the amateur artists.

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The craftsman

The results often speak for themselves and there is an alchemy to the process. You’re left in awe and amazement by a master painters work. While clearly see the errors of an amateurs efforts to instill the same effects. House painting is no different. And Ken is truly a master of his craft.

He loves what he does, he enjoys every step. Every detail. Watching him with a brush is truly amazing. And seeing an home undergo transformation right before your eyes is beyond ones expectation. I have now seen multiple homes look completely new again. Given new life. And this is what excites me too, seeing the difference. The magic. And the wonderful smiles and heart warming openness that our customers go through when they see their work improved.

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Our offer to you

We don’t just do it for the money, we truly love what we do and the people we work for. We want you to feel good, to be happy during the stressful process, and to have a fresh look in your home. And also show you what we have to offer. Because we aren’t just house painters, we are master house painters in Melbourne. But more importantly our skillset and problems solving ability goes beyond painting itself. It’s in our blood.

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