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We all know that pregnant women have to adjust many habits or routines to ensure that their baby stays safe. From changing diet habits to reducing and cutting out certain food and drink from their lifestyle, what about paint fumes? Is it safe for expecting mothers to be around? The simple answer is yes, but with some safety guidelines.

Which paint should I use?

For many new parents, part of the joy is creating a nursery for their baby, which a lot of the time involves painting. Choosing what type of paint to paint with while pregnant is crucial. It is not recommended to choose paints that contain harsh solvents, these include oil

paint, stains and thinners. It is best

to choose a water-based paint like acrylic or latex. These are considered much safer for expecting mothers to be exposed to.

What precautions should I take when pregnant and painting?

Ensuring that you are most protected while painting and pregnant, it is best to take precautionary steps to ensure that both you and your baby are safe.

First let’s start with protective clothing, make sure you cover your skin with long sleeves, long pants and gloves to avoid any getting on your skin. If any paint does splatter on you, wash the area as soon as possible with soap and water.

Scraping or sanding old paint is definitely a no while pregnant, this is to protect yourself from lead paint as it is likely to be found when removing layers of old paint. Lead paint is typically found in older homes, but if you suspect there may be any it is best to let somebody else finish the job.

Make sure you open up all the windows so the fumes don’t linger and ensure you have good air circulation, a mask is also recommended to protect yourself. It is also best to take a shower and wash your hair after painting to rinse off any fumes that may be lingering.

If you start to feel dizzy at any point while painting, it is best to leave the room immediately.

Which trimester is it best to paint?

It is best to avoid painting altogether in your first pregnancy trimester, this is to minimize your risk of a miscarriage and is consider the greatest risk as your baby’s major systems are beginning to develop. Once you have reached your second and third trimester, your risk decreases and it is considered okay to paint, but only with safety precautions in place of course.

Follow these key recommendations to make painting when expecting a risk-free and fun experience! As experienced painters, we are always happy and available to give painting ideas and tips. We also guarantee that our work done in your home is met with all health and safety requirements, to keep you and your little one on the way safe.