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We understand that for many homeowners, painting is considered as something that they could maybe do themselves. The idea is that it can be a way to save money. While in some ways this may be true, there are also some potential downfalls by making such a decision.

Painting takes time and the difference between a professional finish and a home handyman’s work can be huge. There are a lot more things to consider then what the general public may consider. To become a master painter there is an apprenticeship and years of training just like any other trade.

The complications are obvious when painting the outside of a home, but inside, there are just as many mistakes that can be made. You should ask yourself if it is really worth it to do it yourself.

In this post we will just outline some of the most common mistakes we see people make when painting around their homes.

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  1. Poor Surface Preparation
  2. Not Applying An Undercoat
  3. Disregarding The Weather Or Recommended Drying Times
  4. Over Brushing
  5. Using The Wrong Brush or Roller
  6. Painting The Ceiling Last
  7. Selecting The Wrong Sheen
  8. Choosing The Wrong Colours

The first three mistakes that are commonly made are to do with preparation. A professional painter understands the difference good surface preparation and planning of the painting job can make. It does not matter how good the paint is, it the surface is not well prepared, then the paint will not adhere correctly.

Following on from that, points four, five and six are to do with technique. If you use the wrong brush and then also do not use it the way it is intended, then the final look of the paintjob just can’t be as good as it should be. The order in which you paint the trim, the walls and the ceiling will also cause problems if not done in the right order. There is nothing worse than painting a ceiling after spending valuable time on walls, or wooden floors, only to drip paint onto the freshly painted walls you were so proud of.

The final points come down to paint selection. Choosing the right sheen will affect how long a paintjob lasts, how easy it is to clean and how mould resistant it will be. A professional painter can also help you to avoid colour choice mistakes. Colours can alter the feel of a room, its brightness and it is easy to make poor choices with contrasting and complimentary colours.

If you are painting the outside of your home, then there is the added issue of safety. You will undoubtedly have to work at some heights. This can be dangerous without the proper equipment.

At the end of a renovation, the paint job is one of the elements that will determine your satisfaction. Hiring a professional painter will help :

  • get the job done on time.
  • ensure the best possible visual finish.
  • save you time.
  • save you from tiredness and sore shoulders.
  • make sure you are as satisfied as possible with your renovation.

If you have any questions about hiring a painter in Narre Warren, Berwick, Pakenham or other South East Melbourne suburbs, for the inside or outside of your home, then contact us for a chat today.