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Are you looking forward to getting the exteriors of your home painted? Is the change in season and the natural churn showing up its impact on the exterior walls of your home or property? Well then it is now time that you get the walls or the exterior of your home painted. Painting the walls of your home on a regular basis plays a major role in maintaining the longevity of the beauty of your home.

Now let’s come to the important question; when should exterior painting be undertaken? It is always recommended that the exterior painting work be undertaken during the summer or drier months of the year. As the sun’s rays & heat are at their optimum power. which helps the paint to dry much faster. The speed of the work will also improve and so will the overall costs of the work. In addition, the natural heat and warmth helps the paint to stick to the walls with ease. Thereby ensuring the overall quality of the painting to be their best.

Thus, it is recommended that if you are looking to get painting work done on the exterior of your home. Then plan it for the summer seasons; the months of November, December, January, February are ideal as the heat will help the paint get absorbed by the walls easily. Therefore, one should avoid the rainy season as it will play havoc with the overall paint job.

During the winters and cooler months, the fog and the mist in the air not only stop the paint from drying fast. Due to the high moisture content in the air. But at times stop the entire work schedule when it rains and hails. So plan the paint job for the exterior walls of your home during summers and bask in the glory of newly painted walls!