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Are you looking forward to getting the exterior walls of your home painted? Are they showing signs of weathering or wear and tear? Or perhaps you would just like to freshen up the street appeal of your home to bring in a fresh feeling.

Painting the walls of your home on a regular basis plays a major role in maintaining the longevity of the beauty of your home. Paint protects the materials your home is built with and a clean, well presented home is also great for ones pride.

When Is The Best Time To Paint Your Home?

One important question many people have about painting the outside of their home is to do with timing. When should exterior painting be carried out?

It has always been recommended that the exterior painting work be undertaken during the summer, or drier months of the year. One reason for this is that the sun’s rays and heat are at their optimum power in the summer time. This helps the paint to dry much faster. The speed of the project can also have a chance of improving, dues to less weather breaks. In turn this can help to lower the overall cost of painting.

The natural ambient temperatures in summer and its warmth helps the paint to stick to the walls in an optimal way. Thereby ensuring the overall quality of the painting to be at its best.

These days however, the weather can be more unpredictable than ever. The main thing to avoid is rain and that can come any day. We all know Melbourne is famous for that.

Sunlight hours are also much longer in the summer time. On southern facing walls, this can have an even bigger affect. In winter, they may take longer to dry than what would be considered ideal.

Having said this however, an experienced painter can plan the project so that it is succesful, whatever time of year. If you want to paint your home in cooler months, then you should not be put off. There may even be paint brands or mixing techniques that can be applied so that the paint performs better in cooler temperatures.

So while it is recommended that if you are looking to get painting work done on the exterior of your home, planning it for the summer seasons more reliable. The months of November, December, January, February are the natural choice. But this rule is by no means set in stone.

If you want advice or a quote to paint your home in Melbourne, then why not contact us to see if it is possible and to find out how we can plan the job well, to minimise and risk of delay to your project.