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There are a few times during most people’s life, when they will think about painting their homes. This might be either inside the house or outside. However, there are a few times when this might be more likely than others and that is what we will talk about in this post.

Moving In

When someone or a family buy a new home, it is probably one of the most likely times they will hire a painter. This might be for exterior house painting, or to freshen up the interior too.

For many people moving into a new house, they want to make it their own. They want to make it better than it was before and that often means a coat of paint or two.

Before Selling

Before a house goes on the market is another time when home owners are more likely to paint at least some parts of their home.

For street appeal, this might mean a fresh coat of paint to the outside of the house. Or if they have tidied up a room or two inside, then they might paint them to make them look even better. Sometimes, a coat of paint might be added after patching up a wall, or after some cracks have been filled in. This is done to make the property look well maintained and more desirable to live in.

A Baby Is Coming

Getting a home ready for the arrival of children is another time when couples look to paint the inside of their homes. There are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, a room might be repurposed as a nursery and the colours need to change. Another reason might include a small renovation to make the home more child friendly or convenient for parenting. This will need a lick of paint too.

House Extension / Renovation

Of course, the last on the list is during a renovation. This might be in the form of reconfiguring the existing layout, adding another storey or other extension, or making an outdoor living space.

Renovating can be hard and tiring at the best of times. Getting a professional house painter in is one way to make sure it is all worth it. It is the final touch after all.


There could be one more time added to this list. That is during lockdown! This has been a time with a lot of building and construction work going on and painters have been very busy too, especially with outside jobs.


Thanks for reading our post. If you are thinking of painting at your home, and would like a quote from a master painter in Dandenong or other South East Melbourne suburbs, then give us a call today.