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There are a few reasons why most of our clients choose to hire us to paint the outside of their homes. We really enjoy exterior house painting in Melbourne, especially in the warmer months. We get to be outside and also be part of what is often a big transformation.
We know that people could try to paint their houses themselves, but lets face it, not many people do. The main reasons they hire a painter, are listed below.


Who has time to paint the outside of their house these days? Well okay, during a lockdown you might not have much else to do. One of the main reasons we are hired to paint house exteriors is that our clients simply don’t have time to do it themselves.
Between their work, family and social lives, there is simply no time to dedicate to painting their house. It is a job that can take many days. It is also not one that you want to start and stop just when time allows.

Because of this, they hire us to come and paint their house from top to bottom. This can also include deck oiling or painting too.


For us, the main reason most people should hire a painter in Melbourne for the exterior walls of their house is the safety risks involved. Experienced painters have all the equipment that helps us to keep safe.

The first thing that comes to mind with painting and safety is working at heights. Painters have scaffolding and other safety equipment to makes sure nobody falls off a ladder. We are also protected from falling of a roof while trying to paint higher areas. Even most single story homes have areas to paint that are above a safe height.

Qualityhouse painting exterior

I must admit, there is a lot of satisfaction when we have finished painting a wall, or an entire home. We can take a step back, breathe and see how good it looks.

A professional painter is going to achieve a higher quality finish than an average person painting their own home. Believe me, there is more to it than just applying the right types of paint. You also need the right number of coats at the right time, while using the right equipment. You also need to paint surfaces in the right order and prepare the surface well before you start. A professional knows these things and will do it well.

Other problems amateurs face are leaving brush strokes, getting paint that shouldn’t be there on downpipes, switchboards, window sills and so on.

Whether you need a house painter in Dandenong, Cranbourne, Officer, Beaconsfield or any southeast Melbourne suburb, we can provide you with a free quote and the peace of mind of a job done well, and on time too.
All you need to do is give us a call or fill out our contact form with any questions you may have. We’d love to hear from you soon.